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Task1. Being a student at a British university. Pair work. With your groupmate discuss the following statements
Are these statements true or false?

1. Lectures, seminars and tutorials are the same.
2. A course has compulsory modules and optional modules.
3. In a postgraduate degree, you may do independent work and group work.
4. You are given a reading list to help you study independently.
5. Your tutor cannot give you any help with an assignment.
6. You just have to present other peoples facts and ideas in an assignment.
7. You have a personal tutor who you can talk to about anything.
8. You have to do exams, coursework, a dissertation and a viva (spoken exam).
Task 2. Compare British and Russian systems of higher education.
What is similar?
What is different?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each system of education?
What would you change in Russian system of education to make it more effective?

Every year thousands of students come to Cambridge from overseas to study English. Here is a letter from Frieda, a German student, to an Italian friend. Write a reply to Friedas letter, telling her about your studies at university.

High Trees,
Hills Road

July 3rd
Dear Anna,
I have been studying English in Cambridge for two months now, and I have had a wonderful time.
Perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened to me was going to a May Ball. Let me explain every year in June (although they are called May Balls) the colleges organize big dances with lovely food and champagne served from marquees in the college grounds. The dance goes on all night, and then, at dawn, people take a boat and have breakfast on the river. For a May Ball the students wear dinner jackets and bow ties, and long evening dresses, although they usually wear jeans and tee-shirts!
Before the ball, I met the friends I was going with in a typical Cambridge students pub called The Bath. Apparently theres an old student joke: If my mother calls, tell her I am in The Bath.
One Saturday I went down to the river to watch the bumps, which is a rowing competition between colleges. Each boat tries to overtake or bump another boat. Lots of people got very wet!
I have found that you can learn a lot just by being in England! Yesterday, I learnt a new expression Hobsons choice. Apparently a man called Thomas Hobson lived in Cambridge about 200 years ago. He had about forty horses, and whenever a customer wanted to hire one, he always gave them the one that had rested longest. The only choice was Hobsons choice, that is no choice at all, and thats what it means today!
Please write soon and tell me what youve been doing recently.
Lots of love,
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